Dec 01 Fortress begins search for new lead vocalist
Nov 29 Carl Sanders retires.. Circumstances he cannot control
Nov 28 Chester Grace  Wonderful fellowship Thanks Bro Neal
Nov 04 Long haul to Marshall  WOW  what a great church and concert  Thanks pastor Quick
Nov 03 Final Journey's Annniversary Wonderful group to work with  thanks and good luck guys 

Oct 07 PM at Fouts Christian  Good concert Nice words Pastor
Oct 07 Early am service Goreville Methodist  Thanks Bro Tim

Oct 06 Patuka Meth   Lovely church and fun group Love music Sept 30  25 years with Rev Jack Hall Shawneetown Thanks friend
Sept 29 Olney Crafts Festival  Huge operation  Hurried concert
Sept 16 First time for Fortress at Marshall Creek  Like Family Sept 15 Thanks to Stan Garner  Fairfield fall fest  always a joy
Sept 09 Hurry to Sheller Oak Grove  these folks love music
Sept 09Bakersville Bapt thanks so  much   Jim gave spirited sermon

Sept 02 Outstanding friends (NINA) at Casey Christian and with Bernie Director Casey Popcorn Fest  Rain threatened but OK

Aug 26 Unusual tent revival Karnak Methodist  Great service
good singing and good preaching

Aug 19 Lake of Egypt Christian is one of our WOW events of each year Food and fellowship  Thanks to our friends

Aug 05 Harrisburg First Baptist thanks brother Roger Lipe & new friends who love gospel music

Aug 05 Kincaid Community Ava IL was a superb morning This church has dedication to service  thanks to Larry & Ann

Jul 15 Bonnie IL Campgrounds was hot both in heat and in spirit  What a joy to worship in this non conventional setting

Jul 08 Drive across southern Illinois to Olney for annual county fair  Fortress has performed there since 1992  BUT this year rain cancelled the show

Jul 08 Collinsville IL Meadow Hts Baptist  Every time we are so blessed  They love music with their own choirs and singing groups Good luck to this thriving fellowship

Jul 07 Bill Schell releases New CD-REVIVAL  now available

Jul 01 All travelling quartets experience bus troubles  We broke down on this sunday in July
Jul 01 Long time friends St Ann Baptist in Missouri  What a pleasure to return annually to this dedicated fellowship

Jun 03 Zeigler Community church Thanks to super people and pastor and wonderful spirit

Jun 02 Saturday convention Fortress set was fun  Thanks to Dee and Justin

May 31 Reunion Choir at State Conventioin Always a joy to renew all musical friends  thanks to all  Fortress was blessed

May 20 Thanks Terry Fry for CD cover photos

May 20 Herod Gen Bapt afternoon homecoming Great food and worship

May 19 Zion Methodist  Super crowd  Great gathering to worship the Lord  thanks to church family

May 05 Summerville Baptist with Living Proof   Outstanding concert crowd  Lets sing there often

Apr 05 Half of new CD is completed vocally Thanks Bill Schell
Mar 10 Dale Horsley's Memorial(Doc's older brother) was held  Thanks to all those who remembered 

Feb-- Fortress has few weeks without travels while we begin recording new CD with Bill Schell producing
Feb 26 Pastor Tom Foster -an outstanding minister-set the church on fire in word and Fortress fanned those flames in song
Feb 12 Blessings on friends @ Sandoval United Methodist          Thanks to Carters for the extra help

Feb 08 Fortress performs anthem for MVC basketball at SIUC      since 1992
Jan 29  Fortress begins new year with superb concert with Bro Davenport & Lebanon Bapt  Many singing friends along  Thanks for your support and Gods blessings on all.

Nov 20  Fortress invites Carl Sanders of Carbondale & Jim Beaty of Mt Vernon to become lead & baritone of Fortress 
Nov 13 Super return concert  Kingshighway Baptist St Louis  Thanks pastor Les and his fellowship

Oct 27  Cardinals win Wow 

Oct 09 Return to Fouts Christian & were blessed as always Thanks pastor and members
Oct 09 Wonderful fellowship with Patoka Methodists  They love music and love worship  Thanks to all our new friends
Oct 08 Fall convention Salem  Meet bunches of old friends  Good night overall
Sept 17  Fairfield IL Fall Fest  Good crowd  Thanks Stan Garner

Sept 3-4  Casey IL Christian  long time friends Thanks Nina

Sept 3-4 Casey IL Popcorn Fest Annually fun music and popcorn
Aug 28  Fresh Start Bible in St Louis  Such great music and
superb preaching Thanks Pastor Doug

Aug 21  Annually  Lake of Egypt Christian treats Fortress like
gold. Heavens reward for all of our friends

Aug 14  Sparta Methodist  Great morning thanks Scott
Aug 09  Terry Fry  thanks for great cover photos
Aug 06 Finish vocals for new Cd  Return Engagement
July 10 thanks Richland Co Fair  95 F  Hot but blessed  Thanks
to those who suffered in the heat with us for 2 hours of gospel

JUNE 29 Charlie & Cathy Lee of Overland Bapt MO fed us and loved us and we had a blessed concert  Thanks again
JUNE 29 Quay Finefrock St Ann Bapt St Louis MO is a great friend
and fine musician  Thanks brother for a great morning
JUNE 14  Bill Schell inititates Fortress next CD project
"Return Engagement"

MAY 29 Thanks pastor Long and friends at First Methodist
in Marion IL Super Memorial Day Celebration
MAY 15  American Baptist in Marissa IL  DO they love music
Thank you Pastors Deb and Jim

APR 10 Zion Lutheran in Mt Carmel  Wonderful Christians &
thanks pastor Karen

APR 07-09 always great to visit with all music friends at the
annual State Convention Well done

APR 03 Thanks Coleen, Jim Robinson & friends at Meadow Hts Bapt, COLLINSVILLE IL Wow what a worship service

Mar 27 Pastor Tom Foster & Loyalty Bapt  Great friends Thanks